FreeBSD 6 vs FreeBSD 8


FreeBSD 8 was launched in November 2009. The new version was greatly modified, many bugs were fixed. This version has much more advantages in comparison with old ones.

This is an advanced solution for both FreeBSD users and developers. FreeBSD 8 provides you with a wide range of useful tools for hosting server management.

Differences between FreeBSD6 and FreeBSD8

Network interface:

As opposed to FreeBSD 6, each VPS has its own network interface controller and mac address.
Thus, tun and nut can run on the VPS allowing to make tunneling. The new version also allows to enable bpf. FreeBSD 6 has a shared mac address, that’s why all of the features described above cannot be implemented.


Optimized VPS memory usage. Now you can perform the same functions as on FreeBSD 6 but they will consume less resources. In FreeBSD 6 the inactive parameter of the top command was used to  display the memory overage. In the current version inact, like the master server, displays blocked memory that was not used by CPU. The swap parameter is now used to define insufficient memory.


Improved system of CPU resources consumption. In the current version users will not be able to detect load on their virtual private servers, if one of the VPSs consumes 100% of CPU.

Disk templates:

Significant changes to the pre-installed software: Exim is used instead of Sendmail. The majority of PHP extensions are not installed (a user can easily install them himself). One of the main differences is that apache- itk is installed instead of Apache.

You can order a VPS with the pre-installed FreeBSD 8 here.

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Posted on April 16, 2010