Installing and customizing the SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) server


San Andreas Multiplayer (abbreviated to SA:MP) is a third party multiplayer modification for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas computer game. San Andreas Multiplayer is developed by a team of dedicated fans of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games, who work on their own spare time developing SA:MP as a hobby.
For more information please read:

Preliminaries: Ordering a virtual private server (VPS)

1. Go to to register in the system.

2. Choose a package not less than VPS-3 and order a virtual server.

3. Go to BILLmanager -> Services -> Virtual sever management -> Select a virtual server -> click the “Switch to Virtual server control panel” icon to move to ISPmanager.

Creating a user on the server

1. Go to ISPmanager -> Accounts -> Users -> Click the “Add” icon

2. Add a user with SSH access – “Access to shell” (for more information, please visit the «User management» module in the ISPmanager at

Customizing SA-MP

1. Log in via SSH and create a “sa-mp” directory in the user’s home directory:

mkdir sa-mp

2. Upload the software using the command:


3. Unpack the archive:

tar -xzf samp02Xsvr.tar.gz -C sa-mp

Running SA-MP

1. Go to the “sa-mp” directory to specify access privileges by running the commands

cd ./sa-mp/

chmod +x samp02Xsvr

2. Start the server in the background mode:

./samp02Xsvr &

Monitoring the processes

1. Go to ISPmanager (see description above)

2. Go to the Tools section -> the Services module

3. Add a new service:

Name: sa-mp
Mode: standalone
Process name: samp02xsvr
Start command: cd /home/USERNAME/data/sa-mp/ ; ./samp02Xsvr &
Service type: Unknown service

4. In the service property form select the “Autostart” and “Monitoring” check boxes.

For more information on how to run and configure the services, please read our Documentation at

Administrator’s commands

/rcon login – Log in as administrator mode to run the following commands.
/rcon changemode – Change the game mode (e.g.: /rcon changemode lvdm)
/rcon exec – Run config.
/rcon cmdlist – List all the commands.
/rcon varlist – List all the variables.
/rcon kick – kick player by ID. Kick a player.
/rcon ban – ban player by ID. Ban a player.
/rcon gmx – Re-run the scenario.
/rcon changemode – Change the current map.
/rcon say – Type “Test” as admin in the chat.
/rcon echo – Type a text in console.
/rcon reloadbans – Reloads bans.
/rcon password – Install and edit the server password.
/rcon unbanip – Unban a player.
/rcon reloadlog – Clear the server’s log (server_log.txt)
/rcon players – Show players on the server (with their names, IP-addresses and ping).
/rcon banip [IP] – ban a player by his IP-address (e.g.: /rcon banip
/rcon unbanip [IP] – ban a player by his IP-address (e.g.: /rcon unbanip
/rcon gravity – change gravity (e.g.: /rcon gravity 0.008).
/rcon weather – change weather (e.g.: /rcon weather 1).
/rcon loadfs – download the filter script (e.g.: /rcon loadfs adminfs).
/rcon unloadfs – upload the filter scripts(e.g.: /rcon unloadfs adminfs).
/rcon reloadfs – reboot the filter script (e.g.: /rcon reloadfs adminfs).
/rcon exit – exit.


1. Question:

The ./samp02Xsvr &amp is followed by the line:
terminate called after throwing an instance of ’std::bad_alloc’
what(): St9bad_alloc


2. Question:

How do I get administrator privileges?

Answer: After you have set the password in the /rcon_password/ field of the *Server.cfg *file, you should specify the command:

/rcon login <PASSWORD>

If everything went well, you will see “*You are logged in as admin*.”

3. Question:

How do I get administrator privileges in the <…> mode?


In order to get administrator privileges in any of the modes, please, first read the documentation for this application, because  the command may vary. We have found the following command on the Internet :
/makeadmin ID <YOUR_ID>

The second method:
/setadmin ID 1

The third method: 1337 ID  is the administrator’s level, it can also be 1, 2, 3, etc. (depending on the mode). To specify administrator’s levels available in the mode, provide one of the following commands in the chat:


You may also enter the* Scriptfiles* directory in the server’s directory, locate  the file which name matches your login. Edit it with your favourite text redactor and provide a required ID (see above) in /level=ID/.

4. Question:

How can I learn my ID?


Press the TAB button when in the game to find a figure next to your name. This is your ID.

5. Question:

What is required disk space?

About 100 MB.

6. Question:

How much resources does *SA-MP* consume?


It depends on the installed mode and number of on-line gamers.

7. Question:

Nothing comes of it! ;-(


Review the samp_log.txt file that is located in the root directory of the sa-mp server.

8. Question:

How do I correctly ban/unban a player on the server?


To ban a player, specify one of the following commands – ”/ban IP” or ‘‘/ban nick”, or ”/ban ID”.

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Posted on July 7, 2010